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Ok, I got it
xXx The Ibiza beauties xXx  
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x*x   Abi   x*x
abi!! where to start with you babes! u are sooooo bootiful and bubbly and im sooooooooo glad i met ya because my hol wudnt have been the same without you!! i miss our lil chats :( and i cant wait 2 c u agen! we wil deff hav 2 meet up! love yoooooo loads and loooooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaads!! xxxxxxxxxxxx Vicky xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Well Abi.....only met you a few days b4 a came home but am soooo glad a did meet you cos we had such a laugh!! Your Gorjus n such a lovely, bubbly girl!! We got on really well, you were always smilin when a seen you so keep on smilin babe dont change!! Miss u sooooo much but a no we wil stay in touch n wil hopefully c you agen soon!!
Wel love you lots n lots xXxXxXxXxXxXx Love Sarah xXxXxXxXxXxXXxXx
x*x   Brogan   x*x
brogan!! just like ur sister u are beautiful and bubbly! i really miss you, its weird cos i only knew you about a week but we got on really well! i knew i could tell you anythin and u wer always ther wen i needed a laugh!! missin you loads and cant wait 2 meet up with you either! lots and looooooooooootttttts of love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx vicky xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Well Brogan......Like ur sis Abi a only met u a few days b4 a came home but am soooo glad a did cos your a lovely girl!! we seemed to click straigh away, we always had a laugh n we seemed to b able to talk about anything...mainly lads hehe
Your a stunnin girl and your soo nice and easy to get on wit :)
Miss you loads but know we wil stay in touch and wil hopefully c u agen soon!!
loveyou lots xXxXxXxXxXxXx love Sarah xXxXxXxXxXxXxXx
helen! i dont even know where to start with you! you are such a great gal and i really miss you already! you soo pretty and such a poser! lol me and you were the ones who took our cameras with us everywhere! haha i really hope we can meet up again one day, because we had such fun when we were all together! love you loooooads xxxxx Vicky xxxxx
x*x   Helen   x*x
Well Helen....u were the 1st one out the girlies who a met!
Your a gorjus girl n a propa laugh!! rememba tht nite when a was pushin u round on tht trolley n the waiters told us off hehe or when we all went to tht western show n we were dancin....very good dancers a must say;)
We were always posin n avin chats bout boys etc or a certain 1 anyway haha u no
Miss u lots but hopfully c ya agen very soon!!
love you lots
xXxXxXx Love Sarah xXxXxXx
danielle! the lil stunner!! i stil cant believe your only 13! you look so much older! i really enjoyed our lil chats, and when we were all messing about in the pool! i miss you soo much, but i know we deff gonna meet up soon because you live really close to me as wel! love you loooooads xxxxx Vicky xxxxx
x*x   Danielle   x*x
Well Danielle...didnt start talkin to you til a couple of days b4 a went home but your a lovely girl n like vicky sed cnt believe ur only 13 u luk older hehe...ur a lil stunner!
Miss ya but hopefully c ya agen soon
Loveyou lots
xXxXxXx Love Sarah xXxXxXx
laura! just like your sister you bootiful! ur wer really fun 2 be with, i will always remember our last night at manamana.. u lil pisshead!! lol u wer so funny, couldnt even work in a straight line bless ya, and then there was that lil fing with chris ;) haha!! i really miss ya and hope we meet up soon, love you loooooads xxxxx Vicky xxxxx
x*x   Laura   x*x
Well Laura...a met u the same time a met ur sis Helen part from we didnt tlk tht much until a few days b4 a went home! but when we did tlk we had a laugh n your a lovely stunnin girl! Miss ya but hopefully c ya agen soon yeh :)
xXxXxXx Love Sarah xXxXxXx
x*x   Emma   x*x
x*x   Emily x*x
emily!! i only knew you a few days, but you were such a sweetie!! we def gota meet up soon cos u dont live far from me! i really enjoed chattin 2 you, even though it was only for a little bit! love you loooooads xxxxxx Vicky xxxxxx
Well Emily...a can rememba the 1st time we started talkin it was the nite when a was wit Marcas n your cuzin Rich, n they were drunk lol
Your a lovely girl, you were like my lil sis on holiday!!
we has some good laughs n long chats!
You are such a lil sweetie!!
A miss you lots but hopefully c ya agen yeh :)
love you lots babe
xXxXxXx Love Sarah xXxXxXx
katie!! omg ur soooo lovely! didnt know you for long but ive spoken to you loads and we met up and went bowlin as well! that was really fun! hope ya no that im always eya 4 ya! anyways speak 2 you soon xxxxxxxx love yooo xxxxxx Vicky
Well Katie...a met u the same nite as a met ur cuzin Emily!!
Your gorjus n such a lovely girl!!
a cnt believe ur only 12 u luk older then tht hehe
we always used 2 ave a laugh n u always came 2 me wit your problems...u no am always here 4 ya :)
A miss u loads but hopefully c ya soon yeh babe!!
love you lots
xXxXxXx Love Sarah xXxXxXx
x*x   Katie x*x

Cyndi Lauper - Girls Just Want To Have Fun
Provided by VideoCodes4U.com
this is the song us girls used to dance to at manamana! lol so thought we'd put it on here so we can all remember the good times! lol xxx